• brady

    Tom Brady Cliff Diving

    Tom Brady is superman. He can do just about anything on the football field. But he gave all Patriots fans a scare when he jumped off a cliff.  Here is the...

  • pats

    #Deflategate Thoughts

    When I first heard about this story I thought it was sour grapes from the Colts after their loss in the AFC Championship.  Tom Brady dismissed it immediately by saying “He...

  • gronkher-480x357

    I Smell A RAT

    Are people serious with this name caption for Gronk?  I feel like someone had to do this as a joke. There is no way you can mistake the two. I smell...

  • jonas

    Jonas Gray Sent Home From Practice

    Jonas Gray an undrafted free agent running back who put his name on the map last Sunday night rushing for 200 yards was sent home from practice on Friday. This a...

  • Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.31.50 AM

    The Patriots Silence the critics, for now…

    Last night, all of Patriot Nation sat and nervously watched the start of the match up between the Patriots and Bengals. Bengals won the toss and deferred and the Pats were...

  • brady

    Tom Brady photoshops himself high-fiving Robert Kraft

    Tom Brady has been having a lot of fun through social media. I mean the offense for the Patriots isn’t doing so well, the team traded away its best offensive lineman...

  • godell

    Roger Goodell Apologizes

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to the media today and apologized for his role in poor decision-making and promising a revamped personal conduct policy to address future cases.  Goodell spoke about...

  • JoeyMurrs Blast Locks for the weekend

    I was on fire last week and here some hot blast locks for the weekend.   kdjad;lkfj akfkl;dashfjka kl;kasdhf’lkajd fkadskhflkadsjf adskjfkljads f

  • phil-dunphy-frikarte


    Is Tom Brady at the end of the line. Only 143 yards last week as Phil Dumphy would, ” Why the Face!??” all you Modern Family fans should get reference, if...

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers rokie camp

    Week 3 Will Doug Martin Play

    For all you fantasy assholes out there that are wondering if Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Doug Martin will play tonight, piss off.