#Deflategate Thoughts

Updated: January 21, 2015

When I first heard about this story I thought it was sour grapes from the Colts after their loss in the AFC Championship.  Tom Brady dismissed it immediately by saying “He has now heard it all”.  The NFL is investigating if the Patriots or someone tampered with the football after the refs weighed the footballs.  A report today said that the Colts noticed back in their week 11 loss about the footballs feeling light.  D’Qwell Jackson intercepted a Tom Brady pass last Sunday and mentioned something to coach Chuck Pagano about the football.  Pagano then told the GM who then told the NFL office.  I’m not going to sit here and say the Patriots deserve the benefit of the doubt.  They are guilty until proven innocent in NFL standards. We all know that the outcome of the game had nothing to do with the football.  And in some way I love how the Patriots will do anything to get an edge heading into a game. The Patriots are in the Super bowl and I don’t care what type of balls they used.

I truly feel like Bill Belichick is in everyone’s head. He’s in every Coach, GM, Owner and media person right now.  The Patriots will play a team next week that have their own scars.  Many players in Seattle have been suspended for performance enhancing drugs.  Not to mention their coach bailed on USC when he knew infractions were coming down on the program.  Knowing how the NFL has handled investigations this year, and the fact they have a black eye with the Ray Rice video and other off field incident’s I just cant see Roger Goodell punishing MR. Kraft.  The rule book says anyone team that tampers the football will be subject to a $25,000 fine. I have no problem with the Patriots trying to gain and edge, especially during Super Bowl week.

The way this NFL season has gone it is only fitting these 2 franchises are in the big game. The two franchises that cheat the most.



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